Steve & Georgina @ Emelisse from idwed on Vimeo.

Kefalonia-Wedding_001 Kefalonia-Wedding_002 Kefalonia-Wedding_003 Kefalonia-Wedding_004 Kefalonia-Wedding_005 Kefalonia-Wedding_006 Kefalonia-Wedding_007 Kefalonia-Wedding_008 Kefalonia-Wedding_009 Kefalonia-Wedding_010 Kefalonia-Wedding_011 Kefalonia-Wedding_012 Kefalonia-Wedding_013 Kefalonia-Wedding_014 Kefalonia-Wedding_015 Kefalonia-Wedding_016 Kefalonia-Wedding_017 Kefalonia-Wedding_018 Kefalonia-Wedding_019 Kefalonia-Wedding_020 Kefalonia-Wedding_021 Kefalonia-Wedding_022 Kefalonia-Wedding_023 Kefalonia-Wedding_024 Kefalonia-Wedding_025 Kefalonia-Wedding_026 Kefalonia-Wedding_027 Kefalonia-Wedding_028 Kefalonia-Wedding_029 Kefalonia-Wedding_030 Kefalonia-Wedding_031 Kefalonia-Wedding_032 Kefalonia-Wedding_033 Kefalonia-Wedding_034 Kefalonia-Wedding_035 Kefalonia-Wedding_036 Kefalonia-Wedding_037 Kefalonia-Wedding_038 Kefalonia-Wedding_039 Kefalonia-Wedding_040 Kefalonia-Wedding_041 Kefalonia-Wedding_042 Kefalonia-Wedding_043 Kefalonia-Wedding_044 Kefalonia-Wedding_045 Kefalonia-Wedding_046 Kefalonia-Wedding_047 Kefalonia-Wedding_048 Kefalonia-Wedding_049 Kefalonia-Wedding_050 Kefalonia-Wedding_051 Kefalonia-Wedding_052 Kefalonia-Wedding_053 Kefalonia-Wedding_054 Kefalonia-Wedding_055 Kefalonia-Wedding_056 Kefalonia-Wedding_057 Kefalonia-Wedding_058 Kefalonia-Wedding_059 Kefalonia-Wedding_060 Kefalonia-Wedding_061 Kefalonia-Wedding_062 Kefalonia-Wedding_063 Kefalonia-Wedding_064 Kefalonia-Wedding_065 Kefalonia-Wedding_066 Kefalonia-Wedding_067 Kefalonia-Wedding_068 Kefalonia-Wedding_069 Kefalonia-Wedding_070 Kefalonia-Wedding_071 Kefalonia-Wedding_072 Kefalonia-Wedding_073 Kefalonia-Wedding_074 Kefalonia-Wedding_075 Kefalonia-Wedding_076 Kefalonia-Wedding_077 Kefalonia-Wedding_078 Kefalonia-Wedding_079 Kefalonia-Wedding_080 Kefalonia-Wedding_081 Kefalonia-Wedding_082 Kefalonia-Wedding_083 Kefalonia-Wedding_084 Kefalonia-Wedding_085 Kefalonia-Wedding_086 Kefalonia-Wedding_087 Kefalonia-Wedding_088 Kefalonia-Wedding_089 Kefalonia-Wedding_090 Kefalonia-Wedding_091 Kefalonia-Wedding_092 Kefalonia-Wedding_093 Kefalonia-Wedding_094 Kefalonia-Wedding_095 Kefalonia-Wedding_096 Kefalonia-Wedding_097 Kefalonia-Wedding_098 Kefalonia-Wedding_099 Kefalonia-Wedding_100 Kefalonia-Wedding_101 Kefalonia-Wedding_102 Kefalonia-Wedding_103 Kefalonia-Wedding_104 Kefalonia-Wedding_105 Kefalonia-Wedding_106 Kefalonia-Wedding_107 Kefalonia-Wedding_108 Kefalonia-Wedding_109 Kefalonia-Wedding_110 Kefalonia-Wedding_111 Kefalonia-Wedding_112 Kefalonia-Wedding_113 Kefalonia-Wedding_114 Kefalonia-Wedding_115 Kefalonia-Wedding_116 Kefalonia-Wedding_117 Kefalonia-Wedding_118 Kefalonia-Wedding_119 Kefalonia-Wedding_120 Kefalonia-Wedding_121 Kefalonia-Wedding_122 Kefalonia-Wedding_123 Kefalonia-Wedding_124 Kefalonia-Wedding_125 Kefalonia-Wedding_126 Kefalonia-Wedding_127 Kefalonia-Wedding_128 Kefalonia-Wedding_129 Kefalonia-Wedding_130 Kefalonia-Wedding_131 Kefalonia-Wedding_132 Kefalonia-Wedding_133 Kefalonia-Wedding_134 Kefalonia-Wedding_135

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  1. by Barbara Healy

    This really tells a beautiful story, what a wonderful video…so emotional, it really captured the day. A beautiful couple and a fairy tale story!

  2. Thank you very much for the kind words.

  3. by David East

    Thank you so very much for the beautiful video and photo’s of Georgina and Steve’s Wedding.
    I have to tell you of my visit to the office today, I work from home and visit every eight to ten weeks the girls in the office all wanted to know “how the wedding went and had I got any photo’s?” I replied “yes, over a thousand photo’s and a short video, all here on my iPad”. Well, that was it… Within a couple of minutes of watching the video the office came to a complete standstill, the girls were all sobbing and kept watching it over and over again spluttering, “it’s so beautiful, wondeful, magical, a fairytale, absolutely the best wedding video they have ever seen”.
    Even the Boss was moved and asked for the name/location of the hotel!

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