Why would someone choose to leave magnificent Edinburgh to get married in another country? The answer is simple. Young, beautiful, fresh, crazy enough people and a small dot on the map called Paxos island. Abby and Alan decided to show us how a traditional scottish wedding can take place, not near great castles and rocky mountains, but by the crystal clear Greek waters and the lovely sun, together with their beloved ones. And we were there to capture their story….


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Special thanks for their hospitality:

Glyfada Villas

Erimitis Bar

Ben’s Bar Monodendri Beach

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9 Comments. Leave your Comment right now:

  1. by sotiris tsakanikas

    Αληθινοι ανθρωποι , υπεροχος γαμος , φανταστικες εικονες.
    Φιλε Νικο μας ταξιδεψες…

    • Σωτήρη σ’ ευχαριστώ που ταξίδεψες μαζί μας φίλε…

  2. by Mrs Averyl Nash

    The story book of Alan and Abby’s wedding is so full of joy and you have captured the essence of every other emotion we felt on those glorious days. Thank you very much for your endless good humour and for producing such wonderful memories for us all to share.
    Best wishes.

    Averyl and Alan Nash (Alan’s mum and dad)

    • Mr. and Mrs Nash ! It’s been a pleasure sharing those days with you. Thank you for the trust you placed on us to capture your precious moments. Our best wishes for a long, joyful life to you and your children.

  3. by Foffie Morfaki

    All the best,congratulations…! 🙂

  4. by Liz & Gary Dinsdale, Abby's parents

    Hi Nikos,
    This is a truly impressive and unique collection of photographs which captured the beauty of the location, the warmth and affection of all those present and the fabulous atmosphere which prevailed throughout.
    You have managed to record, for ever, the ambience of the special occasion in your very own distinct and spectacular style.
    We are truly grateful not only for your creative and successful efforts but also the jovial and friendly company which you were.
    Thanks again,
    Liz And Gary

    • Mr. and Mrs Dinsdale ! Your words are precious for us. It was our honor to laugh, dance and get emotional with your beloved ones. It was your children’s and friends’ joy that helped us become a part of those amazing days. As you already said, I hope those days of happiness will last forever…

      • by Eva

        I’m really impressed with the pictures. It looks like the most beautiful wedding. Do you know who, if anybody, helped plan Abby and Alan’s wedding? My husband and I would like to renew our vows and would love to do something similar.

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